Experimenting with sensors, material, and form, designed tangible interactions that enhance the narrative of the product and challenge typical modes of interaction of a radio
​​​​​​​Materials: maple, concrete, magnets, Arduino [Nano, FM tuner, CAP1188 Breakout,  MPU-6050, speaker, audio amplifier,  PowerBoost, lithium ion battery]
Tools: Solidworks, CNC machine, SLA printer, Arduino, table saw, joiner, planer
The Interaction
Changing Radio Stations:
As the user moves the ball along the radio, its weight changes the angle of the radio, determining the radio station. By having to carefully balance the ball at the right angle, it slows the user's experience down and helps them appreciate the music, rather than quickly surfing through options with a knob.

Changing Volume:
Along the side of the radio is lined with capacitive touch sensors that increase in volume as you slide towards the larger area and vice versa. The radio itself acts as a visual indicator for the volume.

Image Board

Ideation Sketches

Sketch Models
Fabrication Process
Planning + Gathering Supplies —

Figuring out the processes and materials needed to realize the idea

CNC Machining +. Sanding —
Transferred the 3D model to the CNC machine, cut the part out, and sanded it
Creating the Concrete Ball —
Created a mold for the concrete ball and sealed neodymium magnets inside
Electronics —
Coded and tested the electronics through Arduino. To make sure I didn't mess up the connections while soldering, I confirmed everything by drawing the connections out
The Radio

The underside

Overview shot

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