Along with form language and craft practice, this project served to emulate the manufacturing process as well. We drew up technical drawings for our design and gave them to a randomly selected classmate to fabricate, and any mistake we made on those technical drawings would be on our stool.
​​​​​​​Materials: poplar, walnut
Tools: joiner, planar, table saw, band saw, drill press, router
The Stools

Left: the stool I designed     Right: the stool I fabricated

The result of the stool I designed. Everything turned out perfectly, and I'm really happy with it
The stool I fabricated. Through this, I learned how crucial knowing machine tolerances is
Keyshot Renders
Exploded view
Renders and close-ups
Sketches and Sketch Models
Exploration of the different ways four boards could come together into a stool that can hold the weight of a human

Foam core sketch models

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