Based on a traditional Jacob’s Ladder, this one comes with rice paper fans that seem to vanish with every other turn.
In a time of fast fashion and planned obsolescence, this Jacob’s Ladder is designed to incite delight and form emotional durability with the user, as well as quality materials that will last for generations.
Roles: Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing
Materials: walnut, plywood, rice paper,  twill, oil, wood glue
Tools: router, table saw
The Materials
The materials worked together to elevate each other. The plywood, known for how cheap it is, looks like a stone inlay in this context. The dark walnut contrasted against the rice paper helps draw attention to the fans as they tumble down.
Previous Experiments
Fabrication Sketch

I first sketched out everything I needed to do in the shop. This allowed me to show the shop monitors what I was doing and see if it's feasible/if any changes needed to be made

Fabrication Process
Final Three Objects

The wood creates a satisfying clacking sound as the blocks tumble down

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