3 heirloom objects crafted with quality materials and designed to have the emotional durability to last and to be passed down generations. 
One ladder I kept for myself, one I gave to  a friend, and the third is given to Contemporary Craft to be auctioned off for someone else to enjoy. 
​​​​​​​Materials: walnut, plywood, rice paper,  twill, oil, wood glue
Tools: router, table saw
The Materials
The materials worked together to elevate each other. The plywood, known for how cheap it is, looks like a stone inlay in this context. The dark walnut contrasted against the rice paper helps draw attention to the fans as they tumble down.
Previous Experiments
Fabrication Sketch

I first sketched out everything I needed to do in the shop. This allowed me to show the shop monitors what I was doing and see if it's feasible/if any changes needed to be made

Fabrication Process
Final Three Objects

The wood creates a satisfying clacking sound as the blocks tumble down

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