Summer 2019
Software: Krita
2019 was the Jenny Lin Foundation's 25th anniversary, and we wanted to honor her memory with the theme of "Forever Young." The design team and I decided that a carousel would best fit the theme, for it symbolizes youth and goes in a circle "forever." We also used the infinity symbol at the front to symbolize "forever" as well.

Summer 2018
Software: Krita 
The theme of 2018 was "Music Brings Us Home." We wanted the summer music program attendees to feel at home during their summer with us. I wanted a design that expressed this subtly. After some planning, I designed a house that when over the water, reflected into a heart. Also, chimney smoke is a symbol for somewhere being homey and lived in, so I had music notes come out of the chimney.
Summer 2017
Software: Drawings made on paper and edited in Apple Pages
In the summer of 2017, our theme was "Shine Your Way." We wanted campers to know that they had the potential to achieve what they wanted in life. For the front, I designed a lightbulb with the Jenny Lin Foundation logo as the filament, symbolizing how the Foundation can help achieve one's dreams. For the back, I designed a path sign pointing in different directions, symbolizing the many paths one could choose. 
Through these designs I wanted campers to know that they have agency over their life and that they can "shine their way."
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