​​​​​​​Loosely working with Astrobotic and MoonArk, these tiles act as counterweights to balance a lunar lander, in place of the traditional use of concrete. Along with this, it carries knowledge of a natural phenomenon on Earth to be found in the future.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Material: 3D printed Damascus
Tools: Solidworks, Keyshot, 3D printer
I chose to showcase bioluminescent algae in my tile, since I was drawn to how magical and otherworldly it looks.
The 3D Print
To emulate the fleeting and spontaneous light emitted from bioluminescent algae, I offset the holes in the layers of waves so as the user shifts the tile, different dots will light up, creating a flickering effect
In a way, as a result of the light, the bioluminescent algae shows an afterimage of the wave, showing the layers of it pushing and pulling away. I demonstrated this through the different types and layers of waves.

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