The light switch is on the other side of my room, so it's a hassle to turn off when it's time to go to bed. As a result, I designed a device that would turn off the lights anywhere in the room
​​​​​​​Materials: plywood, PLA, fishing line, Arduino [stepper motor, infrared sensor + remote]
Tools: Solidworks, 3D printer, laser cutter

The device in action

A quick sketch model of where the mechanics would go and how it would encase the light switch
The final result, made out of laser cut wood panels and 3D printed pulley wheels
How it Works
When the infrared sensor is triggered, it turns a steppermotor-pulley system, which uses a wooden plate the flip the light switch up or down. After,  it centers itself, allowing for the user to be able to flip the switch normally as well
Block and Schematic Diagram:

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