A two part project exploring a simple interaction created by wood and rubber bands
​​​​​​​Materials: balsa wood, brads, rubber bands, foam, gesso paint
Part 1: Wood and Rubber Model: Creating the simple interaction
I started off by exploring the materials and the limits each had, and documented the findings through sketches
As I began to hone in on my chosen interaction, I started experimenting with different ways the mechanism could be made for a more seamless and safe user experience
Final Interaction
For the final interaction, I chose a diamond shape. The user would hold the mechanism at the ends, and the sliding piece is naturally an arrow, telling the user to pull it to watch the mechanism spin.
Part 2: Form Model: Creating a form model that alludes to the interaction
Here, I was brainstorming ways to help the user understand where to put their hands, how they would activate the sliding piece, and how the middle spinning piece would look. I decided to go with a spiral piece, since by looking at it, one would know that it is meant to spin.
Final Interaction
For the final form, I decided to match the curve of the spiral with the frame. I made the finger placement area look more welcoming, by rounding the corners and adding indents to place the fingers. 
When the spiral spins, it would be blocked by the protruding piece, prompting the user to slide it to the side.
Timeline View of Prototypes
An overview of all the prototypes and experiments created 

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